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For your convenience, we have allowed our patients to have access to online ordering. With Nutri-Dyn's online store you can shop with security and the convenience of direct shipping to you. You also will have the added benefit of access to the vast Nutri-Dyn resource library.

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Nutri-Dyn is the only nutritional company selling to health care professionals that strictly adheres to the 5 most identifiable standards for quality.

GMP-certified manufacturing-the ultimate quality marker. If it's on the label, it's in the bottle-guaranteed. Our manufacturing facility is certified for good manufacturing practices (GMP) by the Natural Products Association (NPA), National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), and the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA) to ensure the highest quality standards.

It's a sure way to know you're getting exactly what you pay for. No other professional supplement company has all 3 of these certifications. Many don't even have one.

Pure ingredients-identity tested on multiple levels. We accept nothing less than the best we can find. We quarantine each raw material then test each thoroughly to support quality, safety, and efficacy. On formulas requiring especially sensitive or perishable ingredients, we conduct additional testing-above and beyond the testing required of us by the Food and Drug Administration current good manufacturing practices, or cGMPs. A batch of each final product is then tested again for purity as an added safety measure and confirmation of quality.

Our attention to detail here is unmatched in our industry.

Safety-reviewed ingredients—we won't create a formula without them. We don't even think of using an ingredient in a formula without a thorough literature search on its predicted safety in use as a nutritional supplement.

We have an onsite research staff and medical information center with access to thousands of peer-reviewed scientific publications. We review published studies and articles on every new natural ingredient we consider using in our products.

It's an added assurance for products you can trust.

Human clinical evaluations-the surest way to show effectiveness. The best way to test effectiveness and safety of a nutritional product is to see how it works with real patients. The Functional Medicine Research Center? (FMRC)-the clinical research arm of Metagenics-is an on-site clinic staffed by medical professionals who recommend our nutritional approaches and monitor their success. The FMRC also conducts clinical trials that have been published in respected peer-reviewed journals.

No other company in our market segment can offer this kind of first-hand knowledge that can only be achieved a clinical setting.

Scientific staff and facilities-the best in our business. Not every professional nutrition company has its own staff of dedicated medical and technical professionals.

We have one of the largest in-house scientific staffs-MDs, PhDs, and others-in our industry segment.

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