Hand Care

Since I use my hands for a living, I am pretty protective of them. If you have a history of hand pain or injury, it might benefit you to try to restore some of the mobility you have likely lost. Give these mobility exercises a try. If you have excess pain, stop and let me know.

Eating Gluten-Free For Health? What You Need To Know.

Many supermarkets are adding sections for healthy foods. Just let that sink in. What does that make the rest of the store? However, just because it's in your healthy food section, doesn't mean it's a healthy choice. Mark Hyman, MD is a great health advocate. Read this article before your next grocery run.

Core Exercises You Can Do At Home

Gymnasts are, pound for pound, the strongest athletes of any sport. I have a background of nearly a decade of gymnastics and teaching. Pulling from that knowledge gives me a unique way of looking at how the body is built to support and move itself. Here is a video of some gymnastics-inspired exercises that you can do in your own home.

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