Health Report, December 3rd, 2014.

Question: are antibiotics good or bad?

Both. Antibiotics can be life saving in some situations. However, problems arise when these medications are used for regular illnesses. The more these medications are used the more diseases will learn from them and mutate. A mutated disease is much more difficult to fight. The purpose of our office is to help as many people as possible in their quest for natural health. Part of that includes helping to keep your immune system functioning at its optimal level. Read this week's health report for more information.

CHRISTMAS GIVING: We have adopted 2 families for the holidays! November 25th – December 12th we are collecting the following items:
*Boy clothing in size 5t and 24 mth
*Girl clothing in sizes 5t and 7, shoes in size 2
*Gift cards for groceries, gas, Bass Pro or Scheels
*Veggie Tales movies, toy trains, monster trucks, anything Spider man, anything Doc McStuffins, anything Minnie Mouse
*Heavy duty woman’s work gloves
Please drop the items off here at the office during open hours. All items must be at the office by the end of business on December 12th! If you have any questions please call 964-9114 and talk to Wendy.

*We have our healthy coffee, Organo Gold, in a gift box set with 1 box of black a box of latte and a travel mug only for $55.
*We have a fantastic massage package gift certificate for $150. It includes 3 massages and 3 upgrades (foot scrub, face scrub or hot stone massage). That is normally $210, you can save $60!
*The last gift idea is the best one of all. The gift of health! Our purpose is to help as many people as possible to achieve health naturally and you can help us with this endeavor. We have free Christmas cards that we will mail for you. You only need to supply the address and a warm, caring note on the inside. In this card is a gift certificate for anyone that you send it to to come see if Dr. Moss can help them with their health issues.

Who: new patients, long term patients needing a refresher, friends and co-workers willing to work on each other
Where: at our office - 2005 S. Ankeny Blvd Suite 400
When: Tuesday, December 9th at 6:30pm
What: Dinner provided so let us know how many people will be coming with you!

EXERCISE CLASS: December 20th, at 10am at Fitness World in Ankeny. This is a doctor supervised class designed to show you how to exercise and/or rehab without getting injured. Come alone or bring some workout buddies with you! Attendees do not have to be current patients. Let us know how many you will be bringing!

"The spine is the lifeline. A lot of people should go to a chiropractor but they don't know it." ~ Jack LaLanne

Volume 14 - Issue 113

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will be increasing its push for more research into antibiotics, says FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg, because of escalating antibiotic resistance among many, if not most, bacteria that cause infectious disease in humans.

Use of antibiotics is widespread for common colds and ear infections in children, and they are added to chicken and livestock feed which are then consumed by people. The results are whole new populations of antibiotic-resistant bacteria that do not respond to even the most modern antibiotics, turning formerly ordinary infections into life-threatening diseases.

Also, because antibiotics are destructive to the immune system, taking them year after year has weakened the defenses we have to fight these illness and diseases on our own.
Research and development of new drugs is low, and the range of new antibiotics is limited. “We no longer have effective ways to treat serious infectious disease. Clearly we must encourage more judicious use of these important drugs,” Dr. Hamburg said.

The commissioner said that the agency has increased its internal discussions about the antibiotic resistance problem, and is talking to consumer health groups and the food industry about regulations regarding the use of antibiotics in animal feed and new guidelines on the use of antibiotics for patients. The FDA will increase its collaboration with outside groups in academia and government-industry health organizations next year, she said.

Experts have been warning for years that we are heading into a “post-antibiotic world” when antibiotics will no longer work. The World Health Organization calls antibiotic resistance one of the three greatest threats to human health.
Because of the improper use of antibiotics, strains of bacteria that are resistant to antibiotics are now killing hospitals patients around the world. If efforts to combat the problem are not launched now, even more infections that are still curable will make a dangerous comeback. Just like 100 years ago, and thousands of years before that, doctors will be unable to treat a host of common infections.

Here are a couple of relevant ideas:
While the scientists are trying to come up with new antibiotics, we can help avoid illness by maximizing our immune system health and bodily defenses ourselves. A balanced diet of healthy organic foods and regular exercise, along with high-quality vitamin, mineral and herbal supplements, can go a long way to healing and to prolonging health.

Regular Chiropractic and Acupuncture treatment also help fend off illness by maintaining positive spinal alignment, ensuring proper nerve communications with the entire body, restore proper blood flow and encourage the body to heal naturally and improve overall function.

Health Report, November 26th, 2014.

Everyone's immune systems are working overtime right now.

Many are traveling to unfamiliar places. People are in and out of our day. Hectic schedules have us grabbing food on the go. Many are starting in on the sweets of the holidays. How do we battle the sickies? Easy! We focus on eating fresh foods in as close to their natural state as possible, including as few chemicals as possible. Eating a wide variety of colors and types of foods gives our immune system a wide range of vitamins and minerals on which to fight and keep us healthy. That may mean planning and prepping ahead or making a grocery run after reaching our destination, if healthy food isn't available. No matter what, helping our immune systems stay healthy is very important to our health. The purpose of our office is to help as many people as possible in their quest for natural health. Not sure what to do for your particular situation? Chat with a staff member at your next appointment for some quick and easy tips and tricks! Ever wonder why it's so difficult to stop eating processed food? This week's health report answers that!

THANKSGIVING: Our office will be closed November 27th and 28th to allow our staff to celebrate the holiday with their families.

CHRISTMAS: Our office has adopted 2 families this year to purchase gifts for. Each family has children and are in need of help. Please consider helping us with these gifts. All needs will be placed on our office Christmas tree. You may take as many as you wish to help with but we will need all items back to the office by Friday, December 12th before closing. Gifts will be delivered that weekend.

HOME CARE CLASS: Tuesday, December 9th, 6:30pm. This is a class for new patients and current patients who need a home care therapy refresher. This therapy teaches you and some friends, family, and co-workers how to work on each other to reduce stress and hold adjustments longer. We will be serving dinner so make sure we know how many people you will be bringing with you. This class is mandatory for all new patients!

EXERCISE CLASS: Saturday, December 20th, 10am. Dr. Moss will show you the proper exercises to rehabilitate and/or prevent injury to yourself. Class space is limited so make sure you sign up today! You can come by yourself but bringing your work out partner is always more fun. The class will be held at Fitness World Ankeny, located behind our office. There is a possibility of a location change since the gym will be moving soon so please check with staff just before the class. If you are interested in joining us, please let Wendy know.

"Those who think that they have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness." - Unknown

Processed Foods Are DESIGNED to Be Addictive
Volume 14 - Issue 118

Refined processed sugars trigger production of your brain's natural opioids, a key ingredient in the addiction process. Your brain becomes addicted to stimulating the release of its own opioids as it would to morphine or heroin. This addictive nature of sugar and processed food has been confirmed by a psychology professor and a team of students at the College of Connecticut,who showed that Oreo cookies are just as addictive as cocaine or morphine. Most processed foods are created to be addictive whether we’re talking about cookies or pasta sauce through the use of addictive ingredients like salt, fat, sugar and a variety of proprietary flavorings. Neuroscience major Jamie Honohan says ‘Even though we associate significant health hazards in taking drugs like cocaine and morphine, high-fat/high-sugar foods may present more of a danger because of the accessibility and affordability,’ she said.

With what we now know about the metabolic disaster that is fructose, it’s SHOCKING to learn that the European Union has approved a health claim for fructose. As of 2014, food manufacturers that replace 30 percent of the glucose and/or sucrose content in the food with fructose will be allowed to put a health claim on their product, stating that it has a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism and insulin sensitivity. This health claim may create an avalanche of chronic disease. Reported by Ingredients Network: “Food and beverage manufacturers can expect a healthy upward surge in sales for products with fructose from the 2nd of January 2014 when the European Union’s fructose health claim comes into effect.... The fructose declaration promises to be truly ground breaking for food and beverage manufacturers.

Manufacturers who substitute at least 30 percent of glucose or sucrose with fructose can now claim that ‘Consumption of foods containing fructose leads to a lower blood glucose rise compared to foods containing sucrose or glucose.’ ... fructose’s ability to emphasize fruity flavors also makes the news particularly favorable for manufacturers of beverages, fruit preparations, fruit flavored ice-cream, yogurts and more. Since the EU’s game-changing step, validating fructose benefits, the industry’s attention has focused with increased urgency on the opportunities presented by incorporating non-GMO crystalline fructose into different food and beverages products...” This label is dangerous, and may set the EU up for an out-of-control spiral of chronic disease. Refined fructose affects your body in ways similar to alcohol. Fructose and ethanol both have immediate, narcotic effects associated with their dopaminergic properties. Fructose generates a sensation of pleasurable sweetness, driving us to consume more than our body can handle while it damages multiple organ systems. The food industry is aware of its role in creating obesity, and they insist on selling foods to Americans with ingredients that have been banned for health reasons in other countries.

Health Report, November 19th, 2014.

As flu season approaches, people you know – maybe even you – make the annual trip to the local pharmacy, clinic, grocery store, church or school to receive the flu shot.

In fact, this year nearly 150 million doses of flu vaccine have been produced, which is the highest number ever available. Yet, the chances of a flu shot being effective in any given year are about as high as your chances of pulling a needle from a haystack. This is because flu shots only protect against certain strains of the flu virus. These strains mutate rapidly, and scientists can only make educated guesses about which strains will be most prevalent this year. Opting to receive the flu shot is not only to gamble with its effectiveness, but also your health because of the ingredients. It’s a dangerous cocktail of ingredients including the known-cancer causing agent, formaldehyde! Are these things you want inside your body or your child's body: Formaldehyde? Aluminum? Mercury? Antifreeze? Furthermore, each dose contains more than 250 times the Environmental Protection Agency’s safety limit for mercury! It’s time word got out that if you have received a flu shot, you were injected with the above toxins. And for what? Even if you get a flu shot, you can still get the flu, or flu-like symptoms, because it’s anyone’s guess which flu viruses will be in your area. Imagine a life free of sickness, medications and invasive medical procedures. IT’S POSSIBLE! (and a lot less expensive) Our office focuses on care which allows the body to function and perform at its highest level. From boosting the immune system to increasing communication between brain and body, Chiropractic is the best choice for long term health and disease prevention.

Do you have a gently used coat, hat, gloves, sweaters, or other winter clothing you no longer use? Are you heading to a clothing store before your next appointment? Please consider bringing some winter clothing items to donate to homeless veterans. We will be collecting items until Thanksgiving. Thank you for your help!

Please be aware that our office will be closing for the Thanksgiving holidays. We will be close November 27th and 28th.

Have you attended a home health class yet? This class is geared to new patients and long term patients needing a refresher course in home care. The next class will be held at our office on Tuesday, December 9th, at 6:30pm. You need only worry about how many people to bring! Because we learn techniques to help others, we ask that you bring family, friends, even co-workers. Anyone that is able to work on you (and you on them) outside of adjusting time. Dinner will be served for all who attend. Make sure to let a staff member know how many you'll be bringing at your next appointment!

Please consider helping us with our adopt a family holiday drive! Our office has adopted 2 families to purchase gifts for. We will put their needs/wants on our tree the Monday after Thanksgiving. Everyone is encouraged to pick one need (or more if your family wishes) and bring that item back to our office within 2 weeks. Thank you for participating!

"If the ‘germ theory of disease’ were correct, there’d be no one living to believe it." – BJ Palmer

Volume 13 - Issue 31

The results are in regarding the effectiveness of flu vaccinations for the year 2007, and the statistics are not very good for the drug companies. During this year, the effectiveness of the vaccine in protecting Americans dropped way down to just 44 percent.

Not only did the effectiveness of the shots drop, but so did public demand for the number of doses produced. Ac- cording to information released by the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, 18 million of the 121 mil- lion produced for the 2006-07 flu season went unused. The following year for the 2007-08 season, 27 million of the 140 million doses produced where never delivered.

Given this dismal rate of success, and with more and more information coming out on the potentially harmful side effects of vaccinations, wouldn’t it seem logical that doctors and government advisors would be guiding Americans to alternative flu-fighting solutions?
Unfortunately this is not the case, mainly because flu shots are a multi-billion dollar annual business in the United States and worldwide. Consider this projection: By the year 2012, the global vaccine market is expected to top $23.8 billion.

What the government and doctors did was get together with drug company representatives to see if they could come up with ways to sell the public on getting more flu shots. The American Medical Association, together with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) held a 2-day “National Influenza Vaccine Summit” that was also attended by representatives of the five pharmaceutical companies that sell flu vaccine in the United States.

One idea that came out of this conference was that doctors should become much more aggressive in “suggesting” to their patients that they get their flu shots. One attending physician said this is how his office became more proactive in making sure their patients received the shot. “When the patient signs in, the lady who is taking their information asks, ‘Have you had the flu vaccine this year?,’ and if the answer is ‘No,’ we say, “Well, today you are getting it.’”
One such aggressive effort was naming the week following Thanksgiving “National Influenza Vaccination Week” and urging people to get their flu shot. Regardless of such hype, Americans didn’t respond to this public information campaign according to CDC. Public use did not increase during this time.

It’s good to see that Americans did not respond to this added pressure to get their flu shots and that drug compa- nies were left with millions of unused vaccine doses in their warehouses.

Americans would be wise to learn more about non-drugging means to protect themselves during the flu season. Simply staying well-rested, well-hydrated by drinking ample water, and keeping their body defense mechanisms up through good nutrition and additional vitamin intake as needed, could offer the best defense against getting the flu

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