Health Report, August 21st, 2014.

Across the United States, the flu (influenza) season starts around the end of September.

With cold weather soon knocking on doors, many are concerned about falling victim to colds and flu. Flu vaccine, the most effective way to prevent the flu according to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention, remains a controversial subject for many reasons. First, most flu vaccines still contain thimerosal, a mercury-based preservative. Second, because of the unpredictability of upcoming flu strains, the available vaccine often doesn’t match the strain of flu that hits the population. Third and most importantly, even if the vaccine correctly matches the circulating flu strain, its effectiveness is not that high.

A recent systematic review has assessed the efficacy and effectiveness of the flu vaccine in the U.S. elderly and found that, “The overall effectiveness of vaccines against influenza-like illness was 23 percent when vaccine matching was good, and not significantly different from no vaccination when matching was poor or unknown.” With flu vaccine effectiveness unclear, many are looking into natural ammunition against winter viruses. There is significant research on the connection between the nervous system and the immune system, specifically through the adrenal glands, the hormones, and chemicals that relay messages from the nervous system to the cells of the immune system.

Chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations, thereby assisting proper communication in the nervous system. By improving your brain and body connection, you are giving your body the best advantage against a cold or flu virus. So the next time you are feeling not so good make an appointment with Wendy so you can get adjusted and to help your immune system kick out the crud!

Our next home healthcare class will be held on Tuesday, September 9th, at 6:30pm. We will be talking about trigger points and how they affect your life, reduce your stress, and how to treat them at home and work with a little help from a friend and family member. We know that many people are interested in joining the class, and seats are limited. Let us know as soon as possible that you will be attending and how many you will be bring with you. It is here at the office and we will be providing dinner so that you have one less thing to worry about. We will save you a seat!

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Do you remember what September is? CHIROPRACTIC 119 BIRTHDAY MONTH!! We will be celebrating all month so watch for details. There will be prizes you can enter to win - even a laptop computer! With a party at the end of the month, who wouldn't be excited?! Watch for more details!

“Health is not valued till sickness comes.” - Thomas Fuller

Volume 11 - Issue 136

One of the many benefits of Chiropractic care is that it can provide excellent benefits toward fighting against and warding off the flu. Spinal adjustments provided by chiropractors have an excellent track record in increasing the immune function of the body and helping it to stay healthy – especially during cold and flu season. The reason for this success is because Chiropractic works to increase the function of the immune system. It does so by correcting spinal abnormalities known as subluxations (minor dislocations of the vertebra). These subluxations are known to cause interference with the proper function of the nervous system by placing undue pressure on the nerves themselves.

As the nervous system controls all bodily functions, including those of the immune system, Chiropractic adjustments go a long way toward contributing to overall health and wellness. The interaction between the nervous and immune systems has been shown to be positively affected by Chiropractic adjustment. “Through research, we know that Chiropractic has beneficial effects on immunoglobulins (a naturally occurring antibody), Blymphocytes (these are the white blood cells), pulmonary (of the lungs) function and other immune system processes,” said Dr. Matthew McCoy, who serves as the editor of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research. One such study tested the response of white blood cells as important infection fighters.

When Chiropractic manipulation was applied to the middle of the back, it was found that white blood cells were present in significantly higher number than prior to the adjustment. What this study demonstrated was that the adjustment provided an “enhanced respiratory burst” that helped immune cells to destroy invading viruses and bacteria. In so doing, they provided greater resistance toward the invasion of the flu virus. Another large study examined the overall improvement of people who had experienced Chiropractic care. A wide variety of benefits ensued, showing between 7 and 28 percent improvements to people suffering from spinal discomfort, fatigue, incidence of colds and flu, headaches, allergies and physical pains.

Specifically of interest to cold and flu sufferers is that a 15% reduction in colds and flu was achieved by this group of 2,818 individuals who received regular Chiropractic care. In addition to providing needed adjustments, chiropractors are concerned with the total well-being of the individual and educate their patients toward positive health and lifestyle practices. Getting ample rest, drinking adequate water, exercising regularly, choosing a proper diet and correctly using multivitamins and minerals are essential to staying resistant to colds and flu.

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