Patient Comments

My practice is primarily built by word of mouth. This has allowed us to reach patients who are residents all over Iowa, a total of 27 different states, India, Kenya, Australia, Costa Rica and Honduras!!!
Here are some of the things my patients have been saying:

"Twenty minutes had passed from the time we walked in with raging infections until the after adjustment check and the ears were clear!" - Caleb and Lucas

"My experience with Moss Family Chiropractic has been unlike any other doctor experience. Their methods and attitude toward their patients are unlike other doctor's offices. I'm blown away by their focus on fixing the cause of my ailments as opposed to fixing the symptoms each time I'm here. I don't get other places." - Michelle

"The transformation (he made) after being treated for food allergies was amazing. He went from being a malnourished looking kid to an ohh, he is soo cute kind of kid. It was fabulous." - Amy

"Previously having worked in the medical insurance field I was very hesitant to see a chiropractor as there was a negative connotation instill in me from that employment. Dr. Moss made me completely comfortable and at ease. He amazed me with how quickly he had me feeling better when my regular doctors gave up on me. Dr. Moss cared when no one else did." - Carrie

"Thanks for the great improvement in my shoulder. That is my tennis serving shoulder and I noticed a lack of pain last night while playing." - Bob

"I have been working on shortening the time it takes to run a mile and a half. I had a gait training session with Dr. Moss to retrain my body how I should be walking. The next morning I had taken 3 minutes off my mile and a half! THANK YOU!" - Ray

"Hi Dr. Moss, I cannot believe how much better I feel! I wonder if the rib cage not working has been a problem for years. I have never had anyone find that before. What do you think? Thanks so much you truly are amazing. See you next week." - Jane

"Four years ago I developed blood clots in my left ankle. I was treated in a Michigan hospital and released after a week with medication and a small cage which was installed in my main artery to catch any further clots. However, the area above the left ankle was left swollen and enlarged. After just one treatment from Dr. Moss, the area where the clots had lodged disappeared and my left ankle matched the right one to my utter delight. Thank you Dr. Moss for the wonderful work that you do!!!" - Kathleen

"I hurt my back at the gym doing a warm-up set of curls. It hurt so badly I was unable to walk or even sit up. I had to be carried out of the gym. Dr. Moss was able to see me that day. I got an almost instant reduction in pain. Dr. Moss came in the next day, Saturday to adjust me again. I was able to sit up and walk in about 3 days. I had seen Dr. Moss only 5 times, or so and am feeling better than I did before my accident." - Dan

"I had lost most of my muscular function and strength throughout my body. Through both amazing but sensible treatments my condition has totally reversed." - Kim

"I became allergic to latex back in the 80's, when I was a dental assistant. Because I had to wear gloves, I had to quit my job. There are many things I had to avoid. Balloons at birthdays and any athletic balls made of rubber. I do have two small children so these things were all important. I played 4 square with my son and my whole hand and arm broke out. One session with Dr. Moss cured me of that. I was extremely skeptical that I could be cured of this in 5 minutes after having it for so long. But I did and it was gone. Thank you, Dr. Moss." - Robyn

"You are Dr. Moss, the Chiropractor who helped my daughter so much! I just want to tell you thank you! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for helping her! I told her when she was in so much pain that I was praying that Jesus would touch her and heal her. Jesus touched her through YOU. Thank you so much! You truly are a God-send. God sent her to you and my prayers were answered." - Susan

"Dr. Moss is the best doctor! He is quick, easy and you see immediate results." - JoyAnna

"I do not know where to start on how my time with the Moss Chiropractic family has changed my life. I have always tried really hard to live a healthy life style so when I started seeing Dr Moss I did not think I had to much to learn, well low and behold, I was wrong. I did not realize how much my body was draining itself from trying to function when many areas were not functioning to full capacity, After about 8 weeks I could not believe the difference I felt in energy and mental clarity. I truly would personally recommend everyone to go and get an assessment from Dr Moss and learn what they need to do to get the full body function they need to fulfill their purpose in life. I have always had stomach issues and he has been able to get it to digest and function the way it should, I do not have near as many issues with my stomach it is amazing and such a relief. The key is to be diligent and stick with his treatment plan he designs for you, I guarantee that you will notice a difference and others will too on how you have more stamina and energy and clarity and over all feel better. It is awesome, the change was subtle but very impactful, I am so grateful to the work they do and how it has changed my life for the better. Keep on making life better for others." - Deb Holwegner

Tae Kwon Do

"HOLA: Mi nombre es Hilario Gonzalez,
Soy padre de familia dependo de mi trabajo para subsistir y me facina practicar Tae Kwon Do. Por un lamentable accidente mientras trabajaba me lastime un hombro y ya no me hera possible continuar mis practicas y en el trabajo me sentia demasiado limitado.
No puedo explicar cuanta era mi frustracion al no poder desenvolverme y desarrollar mis actividades, y por las noches despertar constantemente porque al moverme sin darme cuenta me lastimaba el hombro.
Afortunadamente los maestros de tae kwon do al darse cuenta de esto me recomendaron visitar un quiropractico mismo que ellos consultavan para sus enfermedades.
Ellos me recomendaron visitar al doctor Paul R. Moss ubicado en la calle 3 en el lado suroeste en Ankeny.
La experiencia aqui fue increible desde el momento que llame para hacer una cita. El personal es muy profesional, amables y muy competentes, y el doctor una eminencia.
De inicio para mi fue un poco extraña la manera de trabajar de el doctor pero al terminar los resultados son asombrosos. Al siguiente dia como arte de magia yo pude volver a mis actividades normales y a mis practicas de tae kwon do sin reservas. En realidad es increible lo bien que me senti en tan poco tiempo por la razon que agradezco profundamente al doctor. Si de algo sirve mi opinion yo recomendaria altamente los servicios de el doctor Paul R. Moss. De verdad muchas gracias." - Hilario Gonzalez


"I was in extremely large amount of (Fibromyalgia) pain. The pants on my legs would hurt my legs just to have clothes touch my legs. I am a new person. To me he saved my life because I have a smile on my face now. I don't walk around frowning. I have a reason to get up in the morning because I feel like I'm alive again. My pain level is almost down to zero". - Connie

Freedom of movement!

A bit more then a year ago I had seriously injured my back. I had several bulging and torn disks. I was taking several pain killers and muscle relaxers, without which I could barely move. Dr. Moss told me to come in and let him see what he could do for it. I figured it couldn't hurt and maybe might help a little. So I went in and after my first visit I was able to cut the pain medications I was taken in half. Now after only a few months I rarely have to take any of the pain meds I was on. I have more freedom in movement then I have had in over a year.

Even though I know I still have a ways to go I can at least see the light at the end of tunnel now. Thank You Dr Moss!!!

Finally RELIEF!!

I've been having back issues for years. But the past few months I've felt like an 85 year old woman when I'd get out of bed in the mornings or when I'd get out of a chair after sitting in it for awhile. I went and seen Dr. Moss about 3 weeks ago and what a difference it has made. I now crawl out of bed in the morning and feel like I'm 35 again! All I can say is THANKS DR. MOSS!!! I may be 3 1/2 hours away, but I've decided I'm going to make a bi-monthly trip or more down to Ankeny to see him.

I can't hold onto anything!

I have always worked in the food industry, and you need your hands to do your job. I had difficulty holding on to things for years. My hands would go numb and my wrists would cramp up. It was starting to be a major disadvantage, especiailly when I almost dropped a tray onto one of my customers. I had never been to a chiropractor before so I didn’t know what to expect. Boy oh boy was I surprised with the results! After my first visit I could hold onto my trays again. And now I wasn’t afraid to pick up my kids. Thanks Doc!

Is it broken?

I hurt my toe real bad and could hardly walk. My foot was swelling and cramping. I could stand on my foot just fine, but as soon as my toe would flex or extend at all I had shooting pains that would drop me. I knew my toe was at least jammed and possibly broken. I had Dr. Moss check it out and we found it was absolutely jammed, all the way into my foot, but not broken. The next day I was able to go for a walk and even ran for part of it with NO PAIN! THANKS DOC!!!

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