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The purpose of our office is to help as many people as possible to achieve health naturally, and to educate them about chiropractic so they may educate others.

Superbowl Doc

I have heard the Superbowl referred to as the largest secular holiday in the US. This year's game was filled with lots of stories of the players and coaches. One of the stories you might not have heard of is that of the team Chiropractor. Here is a story of the team Chiropractor for this year's world champions.

Goal Setting Revisited

Here we are, at the end of January. This is the time of year that many new year's resolutions are starting to fail. Many of us have set lofty goals which still seem so far away. Maybe you haven't set the right goal? Here is an article, written from the perspective of someone wanting to get stronger, but the goal-setting methods discussed are universal.

Are You Eating Too Much Sugar?

When it comes to eating, many of us have a weekday routine and a weekend routine. People often let good, healthy eating habits slide for a day or two, every week. Excess sugar is a common result of letting good habits slide. Do you wonder if you are getting too much sugar? Here are 7 possible signs to indicate you might want to make some changes.

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