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Health Report - September 6th 2011

Our health board this month is talking about something near and dear to my heart - ADHD. Attention defecit hyperactivity disorder affects millions of children and adults around the country and world. I know a few children that are affected by this condition on a daily basis. Unfortunately, much of society tells parents of only one way to handle this "childhood problem" - medication. However, there are more effective ways to help with ADHD and one of those ways is Chiropractic. This weeks health report discusses how Chiropractic care can help with ADHD. Our patients with ADHD have shown remarkable progress and reduction in medications or even no need to be on medication anymore. If you have a child or know of a child that suffers from this condition, we would love to give that child a new start in life by seeing if we can help him/her!

Have you started earning your tickets yet? Our Chiropractic Birthday Bash is going on all during the month of September to celebrate the birthday of our beloved profession. Earn tickets for the chance to win a variety of different prizes for everyone! One way to earn extra tickets is by attending our events this month. Wednesday, September 7th, Leigh Ann will be discussing a natural solution to allergy problems. This is so timely with the weather beginning to change. Talk to your friends and bring them along. So give her a call at 515-689-2223 or email her at events@drmoss.net to reserve your spot today! Another way to earn extra tickets, is by liking us on Facebook and sharing the health report with others on there also. Our purpose is to help as many people as possible in their quest for health. You are part of that purpose. Help us find those who need our help!

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Dr. Moss, Angi, Wendy, Rachael, and Leigh Ann

Chiropractic Provides Welcome Relief For Children Diagnosed With ADHD

Dr. Yannick Paulli, a Chiropractor in Switzerland specializing in the care of children with ADHD, provides this essay on the value of Chiropractic care for children who have been diagnosed with this condition: "When I first met Christophe, he struck me as a very nice kid you just want to take into your arms to give them a big hug. But he seemed lifeless. His eyes were dull and empty. He did not talk. Christophe had been diagnosed as having ADHD and was presently taking Ritalin®.
"Although they would rather not have had him on a drug, the parents were relieved by the 'diagnosis.' Finally, it explained why their son was doing so poorly in school to the point of failing, why he used to always forget things and seem so disorganized.
Although he had also been diagnosed as having ADHD, Cedric was different. During my first consultation, he was running around, climbing the walls despite attempts by his parents to control him and the fact that he was already on a high dosage of Concerta®, the equivalent of Ritalin in a time-released form. After falling on the ground, he went into one of his frequent temper tantrums.
In the US, the rate of children taking psychotropic drugs - essentially the psychostimulant Ritalin - increased from 0.9 per 100 children in 1987 to 3.4 per 100 children in 1997, corresponding to 493,000 children treated in 1987 and 2,158,000 in 1997.
For the brain to grow properly and optimally, it requires proper nutrition of two kinds: 'nutritional' nutrition and 'neurological' nutrition. Who else than the Chiropractor, expert at understanding the proper function of the spine - and how the latter controls our brain - and the importance of a good diet, can offer those children and their families the hope of improved quality of life in a natural, non-drug dependent, empowering way.
Christophe and Cedric are now functioning without drugs better than they did before. Christophe can concentrate better, and his grades have improved. He is now calmer and does not have temper tantrums anymore."

Source: http://www.jvsr.com/researchupdate/detail.asp?ID=885

Note: As of today, www.jvsr.com is temporally down for maintenance. Here is an article hot off the press from the Canadian Medical Association Journal.



Health Report - August 29th, 2011

Cooler temperatures and colorful landscapes will soon be here. We'll need to start pulling out the sweaters and the cool weather clothes so we can air them out. Before we know it there will be fluffy white stuff on the ground - snow. This week's health report discusses how the Chiropractic adjustment helps the body's immune system. It's so important to keep your immune system happy and healthy during the upcoming months. The immune system is controlled by the nerves in your body. Because we work with the nerves during your adjustments, it's vitally important to keep your appointments even if you are feeling under the weather. While it's important to test the immune system every so often, it's also important to work with this system to naturally enhance it's ability to fight off attackers. Immucore is a supplement used to boost your immune system when it's under attack whether from a sinus infection or stomach bug or even the full blown flu. This supplement is amazing for both adults and children alike so keep some on hand during typical illness seasons. When you're in for your next appointment, just let Wendy know that you need to order a bottle or two - depending on the size of your family.

Chiropractic Birthday is just around the corner! All through September patients will be earning tickets, participating in drawings, and enjoying the party at the end of the month. Whether from keeping your appointments or referring someone to our office or attending events, check with the front desk to find out how to get your name in the drawing for some amazing prizes. Our purpose is to reach as many people as possible in their quest for health. You can help us with that purpose. Just speak with a staff member to find out more!

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Dr. Moss, Angi, Wendy, Rachael, and LeighAnn


One of the many benefits of Chiropractic care is that it can provide excellent benefits toward fighting against and warding off the flu. Spinal adjustments provided by chiropractors have an excellent track record in increasing the immune function of the body and helping it to stay healthy – especially during cold and flu season.
The reason for this success is because Chiropractic works to increase the function of the immune system. It does so by correcting spinal abnormalities known as subluxations (minor dislocations of the vertebra). These subluxations are known to cause interference with the proper function of the nervous system by placing undue pressure on the nerves themselves.
As the nervous system controls all bodily functions, including those of the immune system, Chiropractic adjustments go a long way toward contributing to overall health and wellness.
The interaction between the nervous and immune systems has been shown to be positively affected by Chiropractic adjustment. “Through research, we know that Chiropractic has beneficial effects on immunoglobulins (a naturally occurring antibody), B-lymphocytes (these are the white blood cells), pulmonary (of the lungs) function and other immune system processes,” said Dr. Matthew McCoy, who serves as the editor of the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research.
One such study tested the response of white blood cells as important infection fighters. When Chiropractic manipulation was applied to the middle of the back, it was found that white blood cells were present in significantly higher number than prior to the adjustment.
What this study demonstrated was that the adjustment provided an “enhanced respiratory burst” that helped immune cells to destroy invading viruses and bacteria. In so doing, they provided greater resistance toward the invasion of the flu virus.
Another large study examined the overall improvement of people who had experienced Chiropractic care. A wide variety of benefits ensued, showing between 7 and 28 percent improvements to people suffering from spinal discomfort, fatigue, incidence of colds and flu, headaches, allergies and physical pains. Specifically of interest to cold and flu sufferers is that a 15% reduction in colds and flu was achieved by this group of 2,818 individuals who received regular Chiropractic care.
In addition to providing needed adjustments, Chiropractors are concerned with the total well-being of the individual and educate their patients toward positive health and lifestyle practices. Getting ample rest, drinking adequate water, exercising regularly, choosing a proper diet and correctly using multivitamins and minerals are essential to staying resistant to colds and flu.

Source: The World Chiropractic Alliance. “Flu Season Wellness Plan Should Include Chiropractic.” 2004.


Health Report - August 24th, 2011

How has your nutrition been? Now that summer is drawing to a close, it's time to enjoy the fruits of your garden delights. Most plants should be producing wonderful goodies with more things soon to come. I have been loving the tomatoes and fresh corn. Yum! Eating lots of fresh fruits and veggies is what summer is all about. But, these good foods should be eaten year round. Our bodies need all the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and other vital nutrients to keep our immune systems strong. As we change seasons and move into some crazy up and down temperatures, it's important to keep your immune system working at it's best. Proper nutrition, adequate exercise, and making sure to get your adjustments all work together to keep you moving strong and healthy.
Remember the rule for proper nutrition: Eat a variety of foods in as close to their natural state as possible.

It's almost September and that can only mean one thing in our office - CHIROPRACTIC BIRTHDAY!! That's right! All through the month of September we will be celebrating the 116th birthday of our beloved profession. There will be tickets given, drawings made, prizes given, and lots of food at the party at the end of the month. Check with the front desk to find out how to get your name in the drawing for some amazing prizes. Help us make this month a celebration to remember!

"In minds crammed with thoughts, organs clogged with toxins, and bodies stiffened with neglect, there is just no space for anything else." ~Alison Rose Levy

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Millions of Americans suffer from the pain of osteoarthritis and spend billions of dollars annually on over-the-counter and prescription medications to find relief. Now, researchers in Dallas, Texas, have determined that there may be a much more natural and drug-free solution available. The solution for this discomfort could come from the Montmorency tart cherry.
Osteoarthritis is considered to be the most common type of arthritis. Pain in the hands, feet, spine, and the major weight-bearing joints such as the hips and the knees is most common for individuals suffering from the degenerative effects of the disease.
In order to find non-drugging solutions for the estimated 27 million American osteoarthritis sufferers, a pilot study was conducted in 2007 at the Baylor Research Institute in Dallas, Texas. The natural pain reliever that was being tested was a pill form of ground whole Montmorency cherries. Participants were
asked to take this potential pain reliever for a period of 8 weeks. The positive results of the pilot program were that over half of the subjects experienced significant improvement in pain and function by the end of the study period.
“The current treatment of osteoarthritis is largely focused on controlling pain through use of over-the counter acetaminophen or prescription pain medications as well as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,” said John J. Cush, M.D., who is a rheumatologist and the study leader. “These conventional medications are widely used, but have not been shown to alter the natural history of the disease. In some cases, overuse may contribute to significant gastrointestinal, cardiovascular, hematological, renal and liver toxicity.”
The promising results of this pilot are now generating more research into the positive effects of this cherry supplement. A new study is now in the forming stages that will more extensively test the cherry pain reliever against a placebo. The study will add additional information to previous research that has shown the positive effects of cherries as a pain reliever. “This specific type of tart cherry is one of the best studied natural products and, anecdotally, has been claimed to have a salutary effect on osteoarthritis and other types of arthritis as well,” said Dr. Cush.
Through the ages, natural remedies for what ails a person have been used in many cultures around the globe. Studies like this one will help to shed more light on solutions that may have been lost over time and unfortunately replaced by pharmaceutical remedies.

Source: The Baylor Research Institute. “Can Cherries Relieve the Pain of Osteoarthritis? Patients in Pilot Study Experience Pain Relief.” March 2009.


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